Katty Fashion


Q: What means  CMT/FOB ? A:— CMT = cut, make & transport (thread included). This means costumers will provide all needed, starting from their own  designs, technical sheets, patterns, till fabrics and trimmings. — FOB = we reproduce on request the costumers designs,  starting from technical sheets, patterns, choosing and providing the correct fabrics and trimmings after approval, to transport, meeting best quality and deadlines.

Q: Are the sketches/designs enough to work with or I need to provide you technical files, measurement charts, patterns? A: Yes, they are enough. You only need to provide us swatch or details of fabrics and trims; also inform us about the countries where you need to sell, in order to be able to provide the right size chart.

Q: I want to source the fabric & accessories from my own and deliver it to you. Will that pose a problem? A: Absolutely not, is very good to source yourself at beginning. In time when we have a clearer picture of your vision we can help you in sourcing too.

Q: Can you provide the fabrics and/or finishings? A: Yes, based on requirements and target prices and only with approval on our trim sheet from our strict procedure for 100% results needed and to avoid any miss-understandings.

Q: Do you have access to Gerber system for my markers so I could just send them via e-mail? A: Of course, you  can send the patterns via e-mail. We have and use the Gemini CAD system, which allows us to open files with extension. Also, our system allows us to digitize the patterns in case of sending them  by post/courier.

Q: Is it necessary to make  zero series? A: Yes, it is. By zero series is checked the pattern and grading for small, medium and large sizes; this way, in case of bad fitting in graded sizes, we can make adjustments only for that size markers.

Q: You work only with orders in big quantities/style or you also make collections, like 30-50 pcs/style ? A: We work both: for young designers – in limited no. of  pcs/collections – and also for well-known labels from UE, that produce in higher quantities. The production department assures making of garments in best conditions and work-procedures, no matter the quantity.