Katty Fashion


Katty Fashion is based on market studies, experience and professionalism regarding manufacture of textile clothes and offers various services to all our  customers. In this way, we clearly defined a department for each aspect of production, starting from clients designs to quality and delivery.

The marketing & development department – here is where the new designs get in. Starting from analyzing individually each new style, to choosing fabrics, making patterns and finishing with samples perfect execution, according to client’s requirements. Keep in contact with customers, and inform the status of sampling.


 The production department – makes sure that all the necessary steps are followed in order to assure a smooth and professional process of production. It effectively gets involved in garment’s production process and always keeps in touch with our clients. They are informed in writing, in all stages of the production process, about any discrepancies and he’s asked for approval for all the steps followed by production process (cutting, ironing, packing).


The quality department - supervises the quality of all products manufactured and ensures that none live factory without an attentive analyze. Dockets are checked 100 % and 50 % of the quantity is also checked as measurements. An AQL is performed at this stage and the packing list and a stock sheet is made, based on the trimmings to be returned.


The import-export department – prepares all the documents for import/export, sends collets, keeps in touch regarding receiving.